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How Trump Could Change the H1B Program

While the US population (and the rest of the world) are still reeling from Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, foreign workers who want to secure an H1B visa ...

  • November 10th, 2016
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H1B Vital Statistics

As a popular route to non-immigrant work status, the H1B visa program is under continual scrutiny from both US politicians and the foreign countries that send skilled workers to the ...

  • November 10th, 2016
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H1B Visa Alternative Profession: Fashion Modeling

The H1B visa program was designed to allow skilled foreign nationals to enter the US if they have a US company offer a position and sponsor the visa petition.  This ...

  • November 8th, 2016
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New Avenue Opening for Foreign Entrepreneurs to Obtain H1B Visas

The difficulty for entrepreneurs to start a business under an H1B visa is getting some relief with a new program offered by some US universities.  The pilot program is geared ...

  • November 7th, 2016
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H1B Visas for Positions in Nonprofit Organizations

For many applicants, the H1B visa annual cap is the greatest hurdle to overcome in obtaining this much sought after work visa.  Because each year the number of visas awarded ...

  • October 26th, 2016
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The India Connection: Primary Beneficiary of the H1B Visa Program

The H1B visa program that allows foreign non-residents to accept employment in the US is open to all nationalities and specialized occupations.  Despite this fact, the country of India continues ...

  • October 24th, 2016
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