If I Work in the US With an H1B Visa, Do I Have to Pay US Taxes?

One of the more confusing parts of working in the US with an H1B visa is the issue of taxes.  The US tax code is fairly stringent for anyone that ...

  • February 1st, 2017
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2018 H1B Visa: Frequently Asked Questions

The following are common questions that hopeful foreign workers may have about the H1B visa program and getting a position in the US.  For a complete overview of the H1B ...

  • January 22nd, 2017
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A Quick Guide to H1B Visa Online Job Applications and Petitions

As the 2017 H1B visa season gets underway, you should know that a large part of the process to obtain this popular non-immigrant work visa can be accomplished online.  This ...

  • January 2nd, 2017
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H1B Visa: A Checklist of Dos and Don’ts

Many skilled foreign workers are preparing for the 2017 H1B visa lottery, and there are a few pointers that may help you be in the best position possible to secure ...

  • January 1st, 2017
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New H1B Visa Rules That Will Benefit Foreign Workers

While non-immigrant job seekers in the US await changes to the H1B visa program in a Trump administration, the USCIS has quietly changed a few rules making life easier for ...

  • December 2nd, 2016
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Have You Been “Benched” by Your H1B Employer?

Unfortunately, one of the realities of working in the IT industry under an H1B visa is the practice of “benching” employees.  Benching occurs when an H1B employee is not paid ...

  • November 17th, 2016
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